Bet365 Offers World Cup Betting

This year’s Fifa World Cup is hosted by Brazil, the tournament starts in June and runs to the middle of July. Six of the nineteen World Cup Winners were the host nation and this bodes well for Brazil. Not only has Brazil won the most World Cups and are almost always favorite to win or very close to the favorite, they are in fact this year’s favorite. An interesting fact is when a team that is not of the host continent it has been won by Brazil. They only other team to do this is Spain as was seen at the 2010 South African World Cup.

Our Verdict for this years tournament is that it will really come down to the “Powerhouse Four” Brazil, Germany, Spain and Argentina who we believe will meet in the semi finals, this is if they all win their groups. The only hiccup with this logic is that both Spain and Germany have very tough groups and one or both could fall leaving an opening for teams like France and Uruguay.

If Germany manages to get by its group then they have the easiest path to the semi-finals and are perhaps the safest bet for those types of prop bets. If Spain gets out of the group unscathed they will most likely have to face Brazil in the second round. At this year’s Confederation Cup Brazil downed Spain 3-0.
With Brazil and Argentina having the easiest path to the semi’s and the advantage of being South American nations it would set up to be the the dream final game for South American fans. We believe it would be a tight game but expect to see Brazil come out on top as the host nation.

Here are bet365 Sportsbook odds to win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

  • Brazil 4.00
  • Argentina 6.00
  • Germany 6.50
  • Spain 8.00
  • Belgium 19.00
  • France 26.00
  • Colombia 29.00
  • Uruguay 29.00
  • Italy 29.00
  • Portugal 34.00