Betfair Launches Don’t Settle For Less Campaign

Betfair has launched its new European wide marketing campaign which calls on their competitors in the UK sportsbook industry to challenge them on the value of what they are offering their customers. This marketing strategy will compare Betfair’s betting exchange prices to those of online and traditional bookmakers.

This simple campaign is boasting the tag line “Don’t Settle For Less”. Betfair’s UK marketing Director, Peter Marcus said that this is simple campaign that delivers the clear facts to both existing and potential customers European wide. The message is simple, Betfair offers far better value than other bookmakers across the board.

What is Betfair Betting Exhange:

  • On a Betting Exchange you do not bet against the bookmaker, but instead against other like minded sports betting fans.
  • Additionally you can play the role of the bookmaker and offer (LAY) betting odds.

Main Advantages of a betting exchange:

  • The profit margin of the bookmaker is not there, so higher odds than at the normal bookie are possible.
    (although to be honest, you have to pay a small commission (only) on winnings).
  • You can ‘sell’ made bets and thus harvest the crop, before the match you had bet on is even started.