How to Bet Teasers

A teaser bet is like a parlay bet in that you must bet at least 2 games and have to win them both for you to win the wager. Teaser bets are typically only for football and basketball. The one way a teaser bet differs from a parlay bet is that you can move the point spread of the games you are betting on, as you can move the spread up or down. However, just like a parlay you will have to win all the games in a teaser to win the bet, as even if you lose 1 game you lose the whole bet.

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If you see a teaser bet for 2 games at 6 points in football it means you can use the 6 points in the spread of both of the games. Here is an example of that type of teaser bet.

Redskins -9 vs. Cowboys
Texans +2.5 vs. Colts

In this bet you want to wager on the Redskins and the Texans. You can then take the 6 points given to you and use them on the spreads for both games. So with the 6 points the line would then look like this:

Redskins -3 (taking 6 points off the -9 point spread)
Texans +8.5 (adding 6 points to the +2.5 point spread)

In this teaser bet the Redskins must win by 4 or more points and the Texans cannot be beaten by more than 9 points. If both of these things happen you will win your bet. Just like parlays the more games that you bet the better the payout you will get, but on the flip side the more games you bet the harder the bet is to win, as you have to win all the games in the wager.

In a teaser bet you can move the spread up or down and let’s look at an example of a 2-team NBA teaser where you want to increase the underdog’s odds.

Rockets +12 vs. Lakers
Celtics +7 vs. Heat

Let’s say you have 4 points to move the spreads up or down and you want to put those points on the Rockets and Celtics. If you want to do this is what your new teaser spread will look like:

Rockets +16 (adding 4 points to the +12 spread)
Celtics +11 (adding 4 points to the +7 spread)

Both the Rockets and Celtics will need to cover the spread in order for you to win this teaser bet. Sportsbooks will offer different spreads on the number of teams you can wager on in a teaser bet. As stated before, the more games you wager the higher your payout will be.

You can also use a teaser bet of the Over/Under of a game. Here is an example of a teaser bet for an Over/Under game.

Lakers -7 vs. Celtics Over/Under 190

If you take a teaser bet for 4 points the new spread is this:

Lakers -3 (taking away 4 points from the 7-point spread)
Over/Under 194 (adding 4 points to the 190 total)

If you like to make parlay bets you may want to look into teasers since you have the ability to manipulate the spread. The typical football teaser bet numbers are 6, 6.5, and 7 points and the typical basketball teaser bet numbers are 4, 4.5, and 5. There are other numbers you will see at sportsbooks, but they are the ones you will see more often. Also, there are some sportsbooks out there that will let you buy extra full points or ½ points.