Updates Odds To Win NBA Championship

The NBA is definitely a “favorites” league where the star players and top teams have very strong records in the post season. It appears that historically playoff experience is key. There was one exception with the title favorite/co favorite winning the title in each of the six last championship and that was the Dallas Mavericks in the 2010 – 2011 season as a No. 3 seed.

The Heat were favorites last year and won and a similar situation in 2011-2012 as the number 2 seed. The Lakers have won back to back titles as the No 1 seed in the western conference and the Celtics were the top seed in the East during their 2007-2008 run at the title.

So if history repeats its self we will be looking at either the Heat again this year or just maybe the Spurs can do it as the 2nd odds on favorite to win the NBA championship.

Below are listed Odds To Win The NBA Championship.

Atlanta Hawks +50000
Brooklyn Nets +3000
Charlotte Bobcats +20000
Chicago Bulls +6500
Dallas Mavericks +12500
Golden State Warriors +6000
Houston Rockets +2000
Indiana Pacers +800
Los Angeles Clippers +900
Memphis Grizzlies +7500
Miami Heat +220
Oklahoma City Thunder +420
Portland Blazers +5000
San Antonio Spurs +280
Toronto Raptors +10000
Washington Wizards +12500